New Builds

When you are building a new home, from an individual house to a large scale development of new houses or a block of flats, a SAP Assessment is required by Building Control to show that the building complies with Approved Document L1A.

This assessment is done entirely from plans and involves the assessor measuring everything up from drawings which are scaled, and inputting the areas of the elements (walls, floors, roofs and windows) into SAP software, along with details of insulation, thermal bridging, ventilation, heating and hot water systems and renewables.

To comply with the Building Regulations, the assessment must meet two main criteria; the DER (Dwelling Emission Rate) must be lower than or equal to the TER (Target Emission Rate), the DPER (Dwelling Primary Energy Rate) must be lower than the TPER (Target Primary Energy Rate) and the DFEE (Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency) must be lower than or equal to the TFEE (Target Fabric Energy Efficiency). Reports are then produced to show whether these criteria have been met.

Everything after that can stay but can you please change the prices in the bubbles to be Houses from £300 and Flats from £125

All of our process include your As Built SAP Assessments and EPC which are required on completion.


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