Energy Statements


Energy Statements were introduced as a toll to be used as a part of Planning Applications, to show a specific target being met which is stipulated by the Local Authority as a part of their Local Plan. These were introduced after the London Plan was adopted by many of the local authorities and they are now aiming to achieve a much better energy performance than building regulations through renewable technologies, better insulation and other methods.

The statement is carried out using SAP for residential properties, and encourages the developer to look at energy saving measures at planning stage rather than building control stage of the development.

SAPs UK can offer a fully inclusive package for Planning and Building Control stage assessments for a fixed price. The price includes Design Stage assessments, U Value Calculations, Energy Statement, As Built Assessments and EPCs at the end of the project.

In most cases we find that renewable technologies are not necessary to achieve the improvement stipulated by the Local Authority, unless this is specifically asked for as a part of their plan.

Energy Statements are carried out from plans and no site visit is required.

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